Baldur’s Gate 3 Should Hit Early Access Sometime This Year

At the New York Fair (an event for investors) Hasbro announced that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be released in early access somewhere near the end of 2020. It will come alongside Dark Alliance, and five other Dungeons and Dragons RPGs that they’re currently working on. This, of course, contradicts the news that Baldur’s Gate 3 would launch on Stadia sometime before the end of the year unless, of course, it launches in Early Access there as well.

Their plan for all of these games is pretty simple – one will be released every year until 2025. As the parent company for Wizards of the Coast, the one’s who licensed the D&D series for the third time to Lairan Studios, only shows the level of trust that the company puts on their team.

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Besides that, Wizards of the Coast are focusing on a new team, a new studio called “Archetype Entertainment.” In the team, there are many familiar names from the Bioware Austin. We don’t know much about their work, or what they’re about to do. The only official information tells us that the upcoming game will be in the Sci-fi genre, and further information will come soon, hopefully.

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