April Fools Eyes Have Been Added to Overwatch Heroes.

A new update for Overwatch to celebrate April Folls day transformed the eyes of our usual characteres in a cut but creepy way. I honestly don’t know what to say, but a lot of the heroes look like they we’re added by a mod, and not a very good one. Some of them fit the heroes, though. I mean, just look at Wrecking Ball, he deserves this pair of eyes, honestly.

The eyes were added to every hero and every skin, so if you want to get rid of the clumsy eyes, you can’t. The abilities haven’t escaped this update, either, as Hanzo Dragons aren’t looking so dangerous at the moment. In times like these, we can use a good laugh now and then. We don’t know for how long we’ll get to enjoy the funny looking characters, but hopefully, we’ll get some skins in the future in this exact style.

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With that said we must point out that we have to commend Blizzard for finding a way to give us a good laugh when so many developers and companies in general simply avoided April fools jokes given the current state of the world. Nice job, Blizzard – our hats are off to you on this one.

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