Apex Legends Season 5 – What You Need to Know

Apex Legends Season 5 kicks off on May 12, and this is what you need to know about it

Apex Legends Season 5 kicks off on May 12, and with it comes a new legend – Loba – and a new PvE mode called Season Questions. But there’s a lot more to it than that, and this is what you need to know about it.

Apex Legends Season 5 Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass

Along with the new season comes a new battle pass. This one will have over 100 new items that include Legendary Skins, Apex Packs, and probably a bunch of different Loba Skins.

Season Quests

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Season Quests are completely new to Apex Legends and, really, any battle royale game out there. Based on what we can tell from the gameplay trailer that we’ve embedded above, the goal will be to help Loba add “rare and valuable treasure” to her collection. You’ll be able to do this by completing the questions that pup-up on the screen while you play in the new PvE mode. As best we can tell, the quests will have you finding clues and surviving waves of enemies in various difficulties. In doing so, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts, of course.

Season 5’s Delay Doesn’t Come Without Benefits

Season 5 may have been delayed for a week, but that delay is probably worth the wait. When season 5 launches, you’ll find that a bunch of new cosmetics are in play, including the wingman skin. Details outside of this are still minimal, so we’ll have to wait and see what other cosmetics come our way.

Loba’s Abilities Are Interesting To Say The Least

In the same gameplay trailer that we’ve embedded above, you actually get a quick look at some of Loba’s abilities. If you jump to 1:36, you’ll see her use the wolf walking stick to open a mini loot marketplace as she says “shop’s open for business” as she grabs what we’ve made out to be an RE-45. This ability could be a random spawn or weapons or she could have the ability to scan the loot boxes in the area and snag whatever you want from them.

Loba’s mid-range translocation ability is something else too. She can throw her bracelet and transport to wherever it lands. This could be helpful in sticky situations, and it could change the dynamic of combat altogether. Of course, that comes with the territory of having a hardcore attitude. If you watch through to the end of the trailer, you’ll watch her tell Revenant to smile before she cold-heartedly shoots him in the face.

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortunes Favor Launch Trailer

Season 5 Introduces Ranked Series 4

Yes; we know it’s confusing, but this is Ranked Series 4 in Season 5 (don’t get us started.) The point is that Season 5 will carry over the same map split dynamic that was introduced in Series 3 – six weeks of ranked play on one map, with a complete rank reset and swap to an entirely different map after. The latest rumor says that the first half will take place in Kings Canyon, with Worlds Edge being the venue for the second split, which should kick off on June 23.

Apex Legends Reconnect

There’s nothing worse than losing your connection and your progress in the middle of the game. If that’s a common occurance for you, then here’s some good news. Starting with the Season 5 update, you’ll be able to reconnect to the game session you were previously in if you happen to be disconnected by internet issues, brownouts, or a game crash. This is a similar feature to that of Overwatch, so it’s nothing new to the genre but a nice feature to have.

Kings Canyon Has Changed

Lobe created some chaos in Kings Canyon as she tried to get Revenant’s remains that were hidden inside Hammond Robotics (or Singh Labs). The destruction has caused parts of the map to fall into the ocean, and there’s a new bay area called Savlage. Whatever is there, it’s certain to be dangerous, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Of special note is that an Easter Egg from early April has hinted that there will be something Titanfall coming our way with Season 5. Details have been scarce, but we’ll be finding out what that’s all about soon enough.

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