Apex Legends Season 5 Might Prove Respawn Hasn’t Forgotten Titanfall Fans After All

It looks like some more Titanfall content may be on the way.

The last time we heard about Titanfall 3 was way back in April of 2019 when Respawn announced shelving the project to devote its time to Apex Legends and Star Wars: Fallen Order. Sadly, we still can’t report that Titanfall 3 is coming or even that Respawn is working on ti again, but a new hint in Game Informer Magazine does shed some hope that some more Titanfall content will be coming to Apex Legends in season five.

Word comes via a Reddit poster who shared a picture of a page in the latest edition of GIM and, while we can’t make out who the developer is thanks to a poorly taken picture, we can make out something clear as day

“We’re always bringing in stuff from the Titanfall universe. We built an awesome world in Titanfall 1 and 2 and wanted to make sure we’re bringing that forward. I will say this: there could potentially be a pleasant surprise for Titanfall fans in season five.”

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Did you catch the part about the pleasant surprise? It’s hard to say what that is, and it’s not like Titanfall hasn’t been integrated into Apex Legends before – think about returning weapons, for example – but this could be even better. I wouldn’t go so far as to expect Titans to fall from the sky, but a lot of Titanfall fans have said they would like to see the Smart Pistol again, and that would be a huge change to Apex Legends. If you don’t remember, the Smart Pistol has a lock-on mechanics, so you can’t miss.

For now, we don’t even know when Apex Legends Season 5 is going to kick off, but we’re expecting it to happen in late spring or early summer. Respawn hasn’t mentioned anything about the current pandemic delaying plans, so it seems as if things are still on track for now.

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