Let’s just get it out now – BioWare’s VIP demo for Anthem was, well, horrible. It didn’t work for some, for others, it was good for little more than saying you checked it out. Even if you managed to log into a server, you were met with bug after bug. The public demo is now live (and will be for a little longer,) and it’s in much better shape. It’s pretty clear that designers and programmers worked around the clock to get the demo into a more playable state. There is, however, still some concern as it’s still buggy as hell, and that’s putting it nicely.

Anthem’s Servers Held Up During the Demo

Surprisingly, after all of the server issues the Anthem VIP demo experienced, the servers held strong during the public demo. In fact, we haven’t heard of anyone having those log-in or blank screen issues this weekend. So, despite the floodgates being cracked open to an even larger crowd, developers were able to keep things running full steam ahead. We were able to log into the demo just fine as were a number of other outlets. There are still a ton of bugs, though, as we got sent back to Fort Tarsis during the respawn loading screen more times than we can count. We have yet to be able to complete the demo, but at least we were able to get back in.

Anthem Demo Bugs and What the Future Holds

Now, the server issue has apparently been worked out, but if you slide on over to Reddit, you’ll find that a select few still complain about the infinite loading screen. Some people are losing sound while others are just experiencing freezing in the middle of the game altogether. There are even some folks complaining that they are missing light nodes during certain missions. So, if you’re hoping to experience the demo in the last few hours, don’t expect it to be the world’s best experience. In fact, it’s worth little more than the VIP demo was – just log in, check it out, and forget about it.

And, that’s where we’re out now. The game will be fully released to Origin Premier subscribers on February 15 and the rest of the world on February 22. Will all of the bugs we experienced in the demo be taken care of when it is finally released? Well, we’re hoping so. After all, there’s still a couple weeks to go before the game is officially released and, here’s a little secret: That demo you played wasn’t a part of Anthem’s final build (the one the will be released.) Instead, it was, essentially, a snapshot of Anthem from at least one or two months ago. Developers took that snapshot and moved it into its own development phase just to serve as a short demo. And, that’s the good news. The bugs here probably weren’t addressed in BioWare’s final build, and developers now know what to look for.

Will the final build that’s released on February 15 and 22 be perfect? Probably not, but it’ll be 10 times better than the demos we’ve already seen, and you can bet any fixes needed will be dispatched quickly and without prejudice.  

Known Changes Coming to Anthem

While developers couldn’t do much to update the controls during this weekend’s demo, Developers have already made some controller changes that’ll debut along with the full version of the game in a couple of weeks. The most important, arguably, is that raw mouse input was actually addressed and fixed. But that’s not all. Ben Irvo took to Reddit to address a bunch of other changes to swimming and flight controls. Changes include:

  • Mouse sensitivity options
  • PC flight box has been changed to a circle
  • Those playing from PC will now experience auto-centering during flight
  • The hold-to-fly jitter bug has been fixed
  • You can now use raw mouse input during flight on PC
  • Default sensitivity settings for flight and swim adjusted
  • Flight and swim response and precision metrics have been adjusted (by as much as 50-percent) to make things smoother.

There will surely be a lot more to come before the game is officially released, but it’s pretty clear that developers are listening to what we saw. Anthem is going to be a great game after all it seems.


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