An Improved New-Player Experience Will Be Coming to Fallout 76

While there won’t be new NPCs coming as part of patch 11 for Fallout 76, there will still be some pretty significant changes. Those changes are why the patch has been delayed by at least a week, if not more, to sometime in “mid-July.’ Highlights of the patch will include an improved new-play experience to help make it easier on newcomers. This will include higher disease resistance and reduced travel price for those under level 15 and level 25, respectively. On top of this, Challenger rewards for those under level 25 are also being improved and certain areas of the Ash Heap, Savage Divide, and Toxic Valley regions – the areas you encounter first as you venture beyond the starting area – will be toned down to include easier encounters to help smooth out the adjustment.

Bethesda is also promising to bring improvements (we hope) to the way power armor works. Apparently, we’ll be able to activate stealth boys while in armor, and we’ll be able to stick with the regular skin if we want, thanks to a new toggle to disable the power armor HUD skin. Bethesda is also lowering the rate of spoilage for food and drink and adding better item descriptions. More importantly, the ”scrap all junk” option will no longer include the items you’ve bulked for storage. On a more pleasurable note, Bethesda is bringing back punch bowls, too, so we’ll be able to share out booze with friends once again.

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