An Animal Crossing Mod is Already Available for Resident Evil 3

If feels like game moders work so fast that game developers have to get jealous, and that’s why we’re here today. If you want to make Resident Evil 3 more creepy, you can try this new Animal Crossing mod.

The mod is called Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You’ve heard of Animal Crossing, especially in the last few days, as some publications flooded their feed with news about it. This mod will add familiar masks to the main characters, Jill Valentine and Isabelle. Apparently, people will enjoy playing with something more “cute” in a horror game.

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The creator of the mod, who goes by the name “Crazy Potato,” described the mod in just one short sentence: “Jill is a fan.” Now, I will not look into the lore and search if that’s true cause I am afraid of what else I might find, but I know for sure that this mod brings a lot of visual fun and some good laughs. If you want to try the mod yourself, you only need a PC, a copy Resident Evil 3 Remake (it launches on April 3,) and time. So, head over to Nexus Mods now and download what you need for this weird but cool mod. While you wait for RE 3 to launch, why don’t you check out the Pennywise mod that made Mr. X even scarier in Resident Evil 2!

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