Amazon Just Released Three New Trailers for Crucible

Apparently, the game will launch with three modes

If you don’t know what Crucible is, we can’t really blame you – we kind of forgot about it too. It’s Amazon’s first major step into shooter territory, and it’s scheduled to launch on May 20 as a free-to-play game. There doesn’t appear to be any annoying pay-to-win scheme going on, but there will surely be a battle pass or something similar. With the launch set to happen in a week, three new trailers have been launched to show off the games three play modes.

Crucible – Harvester Command

As you’ll see from the video above, Harvester command is and 8v8 game mode set in a tower defense type of play. It’s quite similar to domination in Call of Duty, as you’ll have to acquire harvesters and defend them to earn points or, as they call it “essence.” The more harvesters you control, the more points you get.

Crucible – Heart of the Hives

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Heart of the Hives is a 4v4 mode in Crucible that puts you against another team with the sole purpose of killing wildlife, aka hive monsters, and collecting their hearts. It seems pretty straightforward, but as you’d expect, you’ll also have to watch your back and engage the other team when necessary.

Crucible – Alfa Hunters

Alfa hunters is slightly toned-down Duos mode. Where Apex Legends or Modern Warfare will have you and your buddy going against a bunch of different teams, Crucibles Duos mode is limited to eight teams, and there’s a twist. It has a leveling system and you’ll be able to pair up with other solo players if your teammate has been killed. On that note, death is permanent, and when it comes down to the final three your temporarily alliance is dead and it’ll become every man (or woman) for themselves.

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