Activision Tries to Take Legal Action Over Modern Warfare Warzon Leaks on Reddit

If you had any second thoughts on the battle royale mode on Modern Warfare,  Activision is showing us that their big secret is, in fact, true. Most of the leaks we’re from Reddit posts, but the ones that pissed Activision oof seems to be an image with people holding guns on top of some vehicles, in the image we also get the “Call of Duty: Warzone” watermark, so it was a dead giveaway.

If you think this isn’t serious yet, Activision has required that Reddit divulges pieces of information regarding the user that posted in hopes of furthering legal action, but they got zero results. The user that linked the image was Assyrian241O in a post with a link to the picture with “ I found this image online. Not sure what it is. Possibly Battle Royale”.

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To fix the leaks and keep their work secret, Activision took legal action to get rid of every photo online and even took down the Warzone video tutorial posted by TheGamingRevolution. We all know that the majority of leaks are discovered and posted by Redditors, and this is not the first time a company is subpoenaing Reddit. Just last year, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society made their attempt to obtain personal pieces of information about some users, but even if it’s a copyright issue, the user has all the rights to remain unknown in any circumstances.

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