A Weird Glitch Exposed Impressive Third-Person View in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Remember team tactical third-person mode from Modern Warfare 2 (2009)? I’m sure you do, as a lot of loyal COD players have fond memories of it. There hasn’t been a lot of hype around such a mode coming to today’s Modern Warfare reboot, but a weird glitch shown off by Reddit user Tkade14 shows us that it’s not only a feasible way to play, but it could be a very easy thing for Activision and Infinity Ward to make happen.

If you’re not aware, there is a third-person element to Modern Warfare, however, it’s only when you’re bleeding out in certain game modes. Once you go down, you get a third-person view until you’re either revived or bleed out. If you’re revived, the game is supposed to throw you back into the normal first-person view. In this particular case, however, it didn’t happen, and the player was able to run around for nearly a minute, knifing the hell out of people on the way.

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Tkade14 was playing in survival mode – a co-op horde mode that’s exclusive to PlayStation 4 until October – when the glitch occurred. It’s the first time we’ve seen such a glitch, and so far, there’s no word of it being replicated in anyway. In fact, it’s quite unfair for anyone else playing in first-person mode, but if a third-person mode was introduced – like the one we used to have – then things would balance out nicely. What’s actually more interesting than the glitch itself is how smooth and clean the gameplay was. We’ve seen third-person glitches or mods in FPS games before, and they never look this good.

So, the question now is: Is Infinity Ward secretly planning to launch a third-person mode or is this just a really strange glitch that just coincidentally looks about as good as it possibly could?  

Simon Carpenter
Simon Carpenter
Simon Carpenter works as an indie game programmer by day and pro gamer by night. He joined the Addicted to Play Team in October of 2019 and has found his home away from home. His favorite games include The Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime, and Call of Duty.


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