A PlayStation Job Listing Hints at an October Launch for the PS5

We just recently reported that the PlayStation 5 could make its long-awaited debut in June 2020, and now we’re here to tell you that a new job listing has hinted that the PS5 could launch in October 2020. The job posting can be found on Japanese site Rikunabi, and it clearly states that the PS5 is “scheduled to be released in October 2020.” This would put it earlier than the latest rumored Xbox Series X release date of Thanksgiving 2020.

The job listing itself, which was translated from Japanese, indicates that PlayStation is looking for someone to “handle the trial purchasing of PlayStation hardware products” within Sony Interactive Entertainment. Now, it should go without saying that this may or may not be legitimate, but Rikunabi is a legitimate and official recruitment portal.  

An October launch for the PlayStation 5 would be amazing, however, it seems a little far fetched considering it’s already mid-May and we have yet to see the console or any in-engine gameplay whatsoever. Of course, Sony has remained tightlipped, but the latest rumors suggest that Sony was having performance and overheating issues with the PS5 and that it may even need to be redesigned. Shortly after that rumor started to surface Sony announced and released images of the new DualSense controller. More recently, a report from Bloomberg said that Sony would still be able to make the Holiday 2020 launch, but would possibly limit day-one supply of PS5 to avoid any delays.  

At this point, when the PS5 will launch or when we’ll actually see it remains a big mystery, but we have a feeling that we’ll be seeing at least something fresh from Sony and PlayStation very soon.