A New Rumor Says that A Diablo 2 Remaster is Currently in Development

The rumor comes from a reliable source, but it’s not holding a lot of water

A French publication, Actu Gaming, has published a new report that the long-rumored Diablo 2 remaster is currently in development. The editor of the outlet is the same person that accurately gave early information about Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, and Shadowlands prior to Blizzcon 2019.

According to the report, Activision has tasked Vicarious Visions with handling the development of Diablo 2 Remastered. This is the same studio that did Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy back in 2017. However, this report doesn’t hold a lot of water as a while back is was made clear through an interview with Gamespot that the creators of Diablo 2 had lost not only the original source code but just about every asset.

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In that interview Diablo creator, Erich Schaefer said,

“It’s all gone. We were supposed to have a backup but neglected it. We spent a day or two in sheer panic. It would make it very difficult for Blizzard to do a Diablo 2 remaster because all the assets we used are pretty much gone. They’d have to make them from scratch.”

With that in mind, a remaster of Diablo 2 is technically out of the question. But, that could also explain why Activision would task Vicarious with the game’s development. Activision doesn’t necessarily have the time or resources to dedicate a full team to remastering an old game – the studio is too busy with Diablo 4 at the moment. That also means it’s likely that Vicarious is reaching out to anyone that had experience with Diablo 2 or the franchise in general for assistance in recreating the game from the ground up.

On the plus side, rebuilding Diablo 2 from the ground up will leave the door open for even better graphics with improved textures, lighting, and mechanics, among other things. A fine balance will need to be found, though, as altering too much in terms of the story, quests, or anything else would be a tragedy. Let’s just hope that if this latest rumor is true, that Vicarious does it right and doesn’t slaughter what will always remain in memory as an awesome game in every right.

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