A New Rumor Paints a Whole New Picture of Resident Evil 8

It even looks like Chris Redfield could be involved in a major way

Aesthetic Gamer has been spitting rumors about Resident Evil 8 for the last week now. These rumors have included news that the next Resident Evil game will piss you off to the idea that it could have a first-person perspective and was originally intended to be Revelations 3. Now, a website known as BiohazardCast.com claims that RE8 will be a sequel to RE7: Biohazard and will feature the official name of Resident Evil: Village.

The report goes on to backup previous rumors that it would launch in spring 2021, but also claims that Chris Redfield will play a major part or “integral role” in the storyline. It’s said that the game has taken inspiration from modern folk horror and also backs up the idea that it’s set somewhere in Europe. There will be a new stalker enemy that’s being called “the Witch” that will play a role similar to that of Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 and Mr. X in Resident Evil 2. The Witch will reportedly stalk you through the events of the main campaign, so it’ll be a reoccurring enemy that’s probably pretty difficult, if not impossible to beat.

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Of course, this latest leak comes from something that’s even less reliable than Twitter: an anonymous e-mail, so you might want to take this latest rumor at report at face value. At this point, there’s no telling what Capcom actually has planned or when we’ll finally see RE8.

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