A New Mod for Resident Evil 2 Gets Rid of Mr. X Completely

Well, this is one way to make the game easier!

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is nothing short of dreams come true as we get to relive one of the greatest gaming stories of times past. The remake, however, features a new character known as Mr. X and opinions about him have been mixed at best. Some love the fact that he’s there as, after all, he’s scary as hell and this is a horror game. Others, however, say that he destroys the pace of the game altogether. It only took a few days before mods for Resident Evil 2 started coming out with two of the best being the DMX “X gonna give it to you” overlay and the mod that turned Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine. Fun mods aside, if he actually ruins the gameplay for you, there’s now a mod that can completely remove him from the game – like he never existed in the first place.

The mod was created by MaVeRick, and it’s known simply as “X No More.” The coolest part about this mode is that it doesn’t break down scripted events that happen through the storyline. In those events that require Mr. X, he is replaced by a “friendly ghost.” Of course, if you like the extra challenge, this mod isn’t for you, but it will definitely make the game easier. His random appearances can be a pain in the ass, especially the encounter in the police station. But, that’s the beauty of PC Gaming – if you don’t like something, it’s easily modded.

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